IMONE Fog Machine – Halloween Outdoor Smoke

Create a spooky atmosphere with the IMONE Fog Machine, perfect for Halloween and outdoor events. This 500W machine delivers a thick fog, adding a mysterious vibe to your party. Easy to operate with a wireless remote, get ready to spook your guests!




Dive into a realm of mystery and thrill with the IMONE Fog Machine, your go-to accessory for Halloween and other outdoor events. This 500W powerhouse is designed to fill your space with a dense, lingering fog, setting a spooky scene for all your ghostly gatherings. Operating the IMONE Fog Machine is a breeze — just pour the fog liquid into the water container, flip the power switch, and watch the magic happen. The fog flows steadily in continuous smoke mode, ensuring a consistent eerie ambiance throughout your event. What’s more, with a wireless remote control, you have the power to command the fog from afar, adding that element of surprise to your scare tactics. The machine also boasts a 12-color light effect, adding a visually captivating dimension to the fog. Portable and easy to handle, the IMONE Fog Machine is the key to turning your outdoor party into a haunted spectacle that will be talked about long after the night ends. So, why wait? Embrace the ghostly vibes and make your event a hauntingly memorable one with the IMONE Fog Machine.