Waterproof 6X52 Dual Focus Prism Film Optics Monocular Scope

  • Dual Focus Capability –Front and Back Adjustable Zoom Front focus handwheel eyepiece also has a refractive adjustment ring, dimming more accurate
  • Big Eyepiece– This monocular telescope with all-optical green film, translucent strong imaging clear. High magnification, 16 times the magnification of the telescope can make 2000 range of meters within the clear image of the scene
  • Perfect Accessories– Equipped with camera clips for mobile phone photography. Suitable for hiking, camping, concerts, travel photography
  • Delicate and Portable–This telescope is equipped lanyards to easy carrying. Full-body with top-level metal and rubber as manufacture material, uttermost reduce scratches, waterproof
  • 100% guarantee full refund– If the telescope has a quality problem at any time to apply for a full refund. Or you no longer like it to apply for a full refund within one week of receipting the goods